First Draco Was Abandoned, Then Separated From His Brother, Next He Was Diagnosed With Kidney Disease


Draco. Will you change the world for him?

Imagine you are an incredibly social Pointer Mix, living life in a forever home with your sibling. Next thing you know, for reasons unknown to you or your brother, you are both abandoned. Your name is Draco. Your brother is Beethoven. You are both rescued from the shelter and taken to Tikoso Rescue. You are treated well at Tikoso, but then you and your brother find yourselves on extremely different paths. All at once your brother is adopted, you are left behind, and then your stomach begins to grow disproportionately. While you are happy that Beethoven is not in your paws, you miss him terribly, and wonder why all these veterinarians are running tests on you.

It was a sonogram that finally revealed one of Draco’s kidneys had not developed and did not connect with his bladder. This was the reason he was retaining fluid. To remove 600 cc of fluid from his stomach, Draco underwent a procedure, but this was not the end of treatment. After being referred to a specialist, it was determined that Draco must have surgery to remove his damaged kidney. After he recovers, Draco will be ready and able to find his new, forever home.

You can help. For only $20 you can change the world for the better and help Draco receive surgery to remove his damaged kidney and pay for additional care. Click here to donate.