Help Four Puppies with Parvo Abandoned on an Old Gravel Road


Grizzly and his brother, Bear.

Three boy puppies named Moose, Grizzly, and Bear, and a girl pup named Emma, were recently dumped on an old gravel road, left to fend for themselves. How something like this could happen is unfathomable, but we all know this kind of animal treatment is more common than one would think. Thankfully, a kind woman came across the tiny pack and called A Better Life—Peace, Love & Animals Rescue. Though completely full at the time, A Better Life simply could not say no to these adorable brothers and sister.


Sister Emma

Upon arrival at the rescue, all of the puppies tested positive for parvovirus and were immediately rushed to the vet. Treatment for the four puppies will be costly, as will ongoing care as they recover. Once fully recovered, these four cuties will be well on their way to finding the perfect forever homes.


Brother Moose

With one simple action, you can help this entire puppy pack! Just $10 will help cover the costs of parvo treatment and recovery for Moose, Grizzly, Bear, and Emma. Click here to donate