Help Native Americans Clean Up Sacred Land!

Earthbench Day 1 - 29 of 42-min

We are halfway to meeting our goal to transform waste into resource on the Tohono O’odham Nation!

Recently we told you about a cool project to help our partners, the Native American Advancement Foundation (NAAF), turn their problem of discarded plastics on sacred land to an amazing bench constructed from “bottle bricks.” The reason this sacred land has a trash problem is a result of the tribe residing directly on the Mexican border, which is heavily trafficked by immigration, and water bottles are discarded in abundance. There aren’t many village dumpsters, and trash is blown by wind in all directions.

Earthbench Day 1 - 40 of 42-minStudents from NAAF’s academic after-school program have been working hard to gather the plastic bottles, clean them, and stuff full of the right ingredients (plastic bags, wrappers, and the like). After enough empty bottles have made the transformation into bottle bricks, waste can be transformed to resource in the form of a beautiful Earthbench built by the Peace On Earthbench Movement.

Earthbench Day 1 - 17 of 42-min

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A small gift of only $10 can help remove discarded plastics on sacred land and transform them into an Earthbench. Click here to donate.


by Jim Kober, February 7, 2017