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Rescue Bank Delivers Pet Food to Cody’s Friends Charity

16402555_1900075820238496_6500848187899592899_oCody’s Friends Charity is a nonprofit founded by 9th grader, Cody Allen, when he was only ten years old. The charity helps support rescue animals and neglected children simply by receiving donations and distributing them to those in need. When I (Liselle Comstock, Animal Programs Coordinator for first heard of Cody, I was curious how such a young man could have such drive. Upon meeting, he explained that when he was in 5th grade he did a report on John F. Kennedy, and read the inspiring quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your county.” And that’s when it all started. The charity first formed with Cody and the help of his family.16468809_1413878381958128_891666733_n copy

Rescue Bank, a signature program of, provides grants to the animal rescue community in the form of donated pet food, delivered through our network of regional affiliates. Cody’s Friends, who are located in Tucson, AZ, qualified to receive a truck of donated dog and cat food. Since is in the same area, Noah Horton, Director of Operations, and I headed down to help out. When we got there, a small team of awesome volunteers were ready to help, no questions asked.

The semi truck carried 40 large pallets of dog and cat food. That’s over 35,000 pounds of food! It took about three hours of hard work to get the job done. Now the food sits at Cody’s Friends waiting to be distributed to animal groups in need all across Arizona. What an amazing team that all started from a strong minded 5th grader. Thank you Cody’s Friends for all that you do!16468759_1413878295291470_470718940_n

If you would like to be part of this great cause to help shelters in need, please visit our Rescue Bank program to donate.

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by Liselle Comstock, February 7, 2017