Celebrate Unchain a Dog Month With Us!

bandit and scout

Bandit and Scout

February is “Unchain a Dog Month.” We’d like to celebrate by telling you a bit about our partners, Fences For Fido, who work hard to ease the frustration and loneliness of dogs living outside on chains by building fences for low-income families at no cost. The fences also keep dogs from escaping and ending up in shelters or becoming injured. Not only do these dogs get an awesome fence to keep them off the chain and safe, they receive custom-built, insulated doghouses and warm beds.

Scout and Bandit are two dogs who benefited greatly from a new fence. These two dogs lost their forever home when a family with a young boy named Dominic had to move, and their new home wouldn’t allow dogs. Extended family on nearby rural property came to the rescue and took Scout and Bandit in, so Dominic could visit and play with his two best friends. But problems soon arose due to goats next door and Scout’s love of leaping through open windows. Unfortunately, chaining entered the picture. Thankfully, the family were led to Fences For Fido and applied for a fence. Soon enough, the application was approved, and the fence was installed, providing the perfect amount of space for these active Aussie Shepherd mix dogs and their beloved boy to play together.

Please continue celebrating “Unchain a Dog Month” with us by donation to Fences For Fido. Just $15 helps provide a fence, doghouse, and warm bed for a dog living outside. Let’s work together to keep dogs off the chain. Click here to donate.



by Jim Kober, February 8, 2017