Luck of the Lion 🍀

One year ago today, you started the process that would turn the luck of 33 lions held in illegal circuses in Peru and Colombia around! It was thanks to your donations that we were able to fly 33 circus lions to a life of freedom in South Africa. Last year, we first introduced you to Lucky Leo, asking for your help in sending him and his lion friends from the illegal circuses to a peaceful retirement at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary. Well, YOU came through and made this possible! And Lucky Leo is doing great! Here is an update we’d like to share on this great day of luck:

6bc8fc52-f030-42cc-8bb8-0b6ff45b827eLeo is now living with his mate, Muneca, and his daughters, Africa and Kiara, in their own large enclosure. They are finally reunited and living together after enduring separation and miserable conditions as circus lions. All of this luck couldn’t have happened without you. But there is more work to be done to ensure Leo and the other 32 lions receive the care and enrichment they need.

Your gift today will support the ongoing care for Leo, his family, and the rest of the lions. Leo and his family were the first released into their large enclosure. Some of the lions are still waiting in bonding camps until their turn comes to be released into their own enclosures.

You have certainly turned these lions’ luck around. Because of you, they now know what it’s like to live in the African bush, basking in the sun, and taking long naps. They now know what it’s like to have the space to roam and play. Most importantly, they now know what it’s like to be with family…to be finally home. By making a donation today, you are ensuring that they receive the food and care the need.

Because of YOU, the Luck of the Lion 🍀 is strong! Please click here to donate.