Help Immigrants and Refugees Learn English

81437_1000_3Doesn’t anyone willing to work hard and be a good citizen deserve a shot at the American Dream? One of the first steps for refugees and immigrants in securing better jobs and giving back to their local communities is to learn English. Many of these folks came to America to escape awful political or economic circumstances, find stability, and work toward success. Unfortunately, wait lists for affordable English classes can be painfully long.

81437_1000_1While many of these immigrants and refugees wait for a seat to open up, they work multiple low-paying jobs and struggle to support their children academically. Being unable to speak and understand English also makes securing U.S. citizenship and knowing their right as immigrants all the more difficult. Speaking English is critical to attaining a better life, but unfortunately, it is financially out of reach for far too many new immigrants and refugees.

81437_1000_2English For New Bostonians is working to help these folks by providing funding for English students, training teachers and volunteers to work in programs, and heightening public awareness about the importance of English to immigrants and refugees in bettering their ability to achieve success.

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