Sweet Henry Needs Some Help


Henry mid-treatment.

Henry is a 7-year-old pitbull mix who loves everyone he meets. He is excellent with dogs, cats, and children. Henry just wants to be loved and find his forever home, but first he has some skin issues that need to be addressed.

After his owner’s wife died, and he decided to move, Henry was surrendered to Second Chance Animal Shelter where they noticed immediately that he had sever skin issues. These issues make Henry terribly itchy and uncomfortable. Veterinarians are working hard to diagnose exactly what type of skin allergy causes Henry to suffer. They are looking at flea allergy vs. food allergy, along with other possible causes.

While a diagnosis is being made, vets are treating Henry with antibiotics for his skin infections. He also receives soothing baths twice a day. This will help his hair return to normal and grow back. Once the skin issue is diagnosed, Henry will be given proper care, and then he can find the perfect forever home.

Just $10 helps Henry receive skin treatment, so he can live a comfortable and happy life! Click here to contribute.