Thanks to YOU, Rescue Rebuild Hits the Road!

Less than two months ago, we asked for your help to save thousands of shelter animals through the purchase of a new truck to continue our Signature Program, Rescue Rebuild—a community-driven volunteer program that works to rebuild, repair, and renovate animal shelters and rescues in need. Our current truck, Duke, has been with the program for over 100 shelter renovations in 48 states, and is on its last leg. We knew if our truck died, our work would stop, so we turned to you for help, and YOU responded big time!

We are happy to report that thanks to YOUR selfless donations, we hit our goal, and can now purchase Duke 2.0, a new truck that will carry Rescue Rebuild 300,000 more miles to renovate shelters for another 10 years, and improve the lives of thousands of shelter animals—animals like Goldie pictured below.




If it were not for Rescue Rebuild’s work constructing an agility yard with steps, jumps, tire tunnels, and a roof structure, Goldie would have been stuck in a cage with no chance for exercise or play, both of which are crucial for the physical and emotional health of an animal. Stressed animals get sick more often, and are less adoptable, while adoption rates spike by as much as 25% when animals have dedicated outside play areas!

Thanks to YOU, the important work of Rescue Rebuild will continue, and more shelter animals like Goldie will see adoptions rates spike. Thank you SO much. We truly cannot thank you enough!

by Jim Kober, April 14, 2017