Help Blind Kitten Brothers See True Love

Blind kitties

Wolfie, Orion, Teenie, Jazz

When one of MeoowzResQ’s foster parents found four abandoned kitten brothers—Wolfie, Orion, Teenie, and Jazz—and took them in, it was clear that not only were these brothers terribly weak, their eyes were severely infected. The two smallest (Wolfie and Teenie) were barely able to stand on their own. Upon further evaluation at the vet’s office, it was discovered that all four brothers were born with deformed eyelids, ultimately causing their eyes to rupture.

As a result of these ruptures, three of the four, including Wolfie, Orion, and Teenie (from left to right in the photo) will be totally blind and need to have surgery completed to ensure their eyes do not become further infected. Jazz (pictured on the far right) will retain sight in one eye. Aside from their eye issues, these kittens are healthy, loving, and adorable. Let’s help them get the treatment they need, so they can receive a lifetime of love.

For these little guys, we can make all the difference. Please click here to donate.

by Jim Kober, April 18, 2017