,’s Rescue Bank to Provide Food for Rescue of Over 430 Animals


Puppies safe now in the arms of the good guys. Signature Program, Rescue Bank, has started delivering food to help rescue more than 430 animals in Habersham County, Georgia.

The Habersham County Department of Animal Care and Control (HCACC), working with several Georgia-based humane organizations and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), recovered more than 430 animals from a county property, including dogs, cats, donkeys, pigs, bunnies, a horse and an alpaca. On April 12, HCACC served a search and seizure warrant of the property in response to a barking complaint and to conduct a welfare check. It was at this time that officers found the animals in deplorable living conditions, with many having no access to clean water, surviving in filth and feces.


On the way to the start of a new life filled with love and care.

Thankfully, all the dogs, cats, bunnies, and other small animals were safely transported to a temporary emergency animal shelter by HCACC, The HSUS and Cashiers Highland Humane Society. Rescue Bank is donating more than 6,000 pounds of dry and wet dog food to the shelter, supporting the care of the dogs.

“By providing nutritious, wholesome food for the dogs, we can quickly provide these rescued pets a track to recovery,” said Elizabeth Asher, Rescue Bank’s executive director. “Our team is honored to be able to assist the recovery of these animals, as the shelter and HSUS teams work tirelessly to ensure the safety of every animal rescued.”

Rescue Bank distributes more than 40 million meals annually to its network of 1,900 shelter and rescue groups around the country. Pet food is consistently the largest request Rescue Bank receives from its shelter and rescue partners.

If you would like to contribute to Rescue Bank to help additional animals in need, please click here.


by Jim Kober, April 20, 2017