Sweet, Sweet Maggie Needs Meds to Survive

Maggie! One of the nicest, friendliest dogs you will ever meet needs your help.

Despite all she has been through, Maggie is one of the nicest, friendliest dogs you will ever meet. This is one reason it is so hard to see her suffer. Parma Animal Shelter pulled Maggie from a high-kill facility in Ohio. At the time, she was in bad shape, weighing close to three times her normal body weight due to a thyroid problem. This thyroid issue was so bad that it caused infections in her skin and eyes. Maggie also suffered from yeast in her ears, making them incredibly painful.

Since being in Parma Animal Shelter’s care, she has been put on medications. Her skin is clearing, her hair growing back, her eyes and ears are better, and her weight is coming down. She has already lost 10 pounds and is on her way to a healthy life. Her medications and veterinarian costs have been quite expensive, taking their toll on Parma Animal Shelter’s budget. Maggie will still need ongoing medications and vet checks. Once she gets better, Maggie can find the perfect forever home and live happily ever after!

With your help, Maggie can continue her treatment. Click here to get Maggie the medication she needs!

by Jim Kober, May 26, 2017