Show Ziggy a Life Free of Immense Pain

Ziggy is too young to know such pain.

After being found as a stray, Ziggy, a 5-month-old domestic short-haired cat, was surrendered to Ada Howe Kent Memorial Shelter by a senior couple. His gait was unbalanced, and after a thorough veterinarian exam, an x-ray revealed an old fracture in his left hind leg. The fracture healed in a way that is mechanically incorrect and causes poor Ziggy immense pain. He even has difficulty using the litter box due to his condition. Ziggy is in urgent need of funding to receive surgery to correct his leg. He is incredibly friendly, affectionate, and highly adoptable. Once surgery is complete, he will then be able to find his perfect forever home!

Be a hero to Ziggy! Help him know a life free from pain. Click here to donate.

by Jim Kober, May 31, 2017