Get Women Like Margaret Treatment for Obstetric Fistulas

Virtually unheard of in wealthier nations, obstetric fistulas (a hole in the birth canal) is caused by prolonged, obstructed labor. Many women who experience an obstetric fistula suffer from incontinence, shame, social isolation and health problems. Although fistulas can be fixed through surgery, many women in rural areas like Asia and sub-Saharan Africa don’t know what they are suffering from and do not have the money to travel to a hospital for treatment. Uganda Village Project (UVP) helps heal women with fistulas by facilitating their repair surgery and following up to ensure a safe recovery—women like Margaret.

Margaret was giving birth to her third child when she starting suffering a complication. She was rushed to the hospital to save her baby girl. Margaret had been suffering an obstetric fistula.

Margaret was seen by UVP for a fistula screening after living with the condition for eight years. For those eight years she was unable to do any hard work or move around freely. Her family and community rejected her due to the leaking, labeling her a pariah and leaving Margaret almost completely alone.

When UVP met Margaret again at the fistula camp, she was newly dry and recovering beautifully from surgery. Her shyness seemed to melt away as she spoke animatedly, talking about her plans to host a big feast with her family to celebrate her new life without a fistula. She also stated, “Now that I no longer have fistula, I can care for my children and myself. We are all growing strong, and I hope in the future to even open a small business. I thank you all; this would not be possible without you.”

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