URGENT – Help Over 70 Dogs and Puppies Rescued from Deplorable Conditions

   Recently, Alaqua Animal Refuge accompanied officials to evaluate 70 dogs and puppies living in an unsanitary home with an elderly woman confined to a wheelchair. Several dogs were seized from the Florida home, but Alaqua was forced to return them since the woman was providing the minimum standard of care. Alaqua Animal Refuge kept in touch with the woman, continuing to offer support. They were able to take in more of her dogs, but she was reluctant to surrender the majority of them.

Last week, the woman passed away, and Alaqua Animal Refuge received permission to save the survivors. With the help of local rescue, The Lucky Puppy, they entered the property to find that there were between 70-80 dogs still living in squalor. Ten puppies were found barely clinging to their lives. They were immediately rushed to Alaqua’s medical facility and miraculously their condition has stabilized.

The other dogs™ have medical conditions that are heart wrenching—skin and ear infections, matted hair, abscesses from fight injuries, and the high likelihood that they are going to be heartworm positive. These animals are desperately in need of proper medical care, vaccinations, spay and neuter surgery, heartworm and disease testing, and food and boarding until they find permanent, loving homes.

Your support at this time is crucial. Your donation will go toward providing essential daily needs such as food, water, dewormer, flea medication, and appropriate vaccinations. Please click here to donate.