48 HOURS ONLY – Buy Any Skout’s Honor® Product Between 7/17 – 7/18 and Skout’s Honor® Will Donate One Week’s Worth of Meals (21 meals!) to an Animal in Need

Through our Signature Program, Rescue Bank, our amazing partners at Skout’s Honor® already do incredible things to help rescue pets with their Paw Pledge to provide three meals (one day’s worth) to a rescue animal in need for every purchase of a Skout’s Honor® product.

Now, once again, they are taking the Paw Pledge even further! From Monday, July 17 to Tuesday, July 18, purchase any Skout’s Honor® product at, and the brand will donate one week’s worth of meals (21 meals!) per every product sold. That is amazing, and we can hardly contain our excitement for all the hungry rescue animals who are about to receive some great chow!

All natural and awesome, Skout’s Honor® represents the next-generation of green cleaning and deodorizing technology. These powerful products are designed to quickly and permanently eliminate even the most severe pet stains and odors – and they are safe to use around your home, family, and pets. By purchasing a bottle, you are directly impacting animals in need…animals like Leroy.

Leroy on the right

Leroy was found all alone by a rescue volunteer. He was tied up next to a trash heap with no food or water. He was starving, and his ribs were poking out. The first thing the rescue did after saving Leroy was feed him a healthy bowl of high-quality pet food donated by Rescue Bank. They continued feeding Leroy day after day until he reached a healthy weight and was adopted into the best forever home.

Many rescues are only able to help big guys like Leroy because of donations like the food received from Rescue Bank

Helping feed loving animals like Leroy is easy. Just visit for your stain and odor eliminating needs, and you will be helping an animal in need with every product sold.

Click here to pick up a bottle and donate meals!

by Jim Kober, July 17, 2017