Who Would Throw Puppies from a Truck?

Shamrock! ☘️

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Not long ago a group of unwanted pups was thrown from the back of a moving truck. A true animal lover named Mary Jane just happened to be behind the vehicle. She stopped and gathered up these unwanted puppies, thus beginning their new chapters. All were okay, except one little guy, who had some cuts and a bruised back leg. The worst part, however, was that he had an old injury where his front right leg had been broken and healed improperly. The foot on that leg turned in, and it looked as if he was walking on his ankle.

It was his loving personality that made everyone at Brookhaven Animal Rescue League fall in love with him. They knew they had to save this little one and with it being around St. Patrick’s Day, he was given the name Shamrock. They took him to a specialist that recommended surgery over amputation. Because of generous donors like YOU, Shamrock received his surgery and fully recovered. He’s living it up now at his new home with two fur-brothers!

Let’s go back a bit. Shamrock had some more good luck—Mary Jane wanted to foster Shamrock through his recovery. And, let’s just say that little Shamrock was a joy to both Mary Jane and her two dogs during their foster time. As a matter of fact, Shamrock didn’t have to move far when he was eventually adopted; you guessed it, Mary Jane is his new permanent mom! Because of loving people like Mary Jane, the great people at Brookhaven Animal Rescue League, and donors like you, Shamrock’s life couldn’t get much luckier.

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by susanrosenberg, July 21, 2017