Homeless, Alone, Scared and Pregnant!

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Raven, a young shepherd mix, found herself abandoned to a high kill shelter. That’s not the worst part; she was also pregnant. No mother wants to bring her babies into the world on the floor surrounded by loud, unfamiliar noises. She was emaciated and not only full of puppies—she was full of parasites and infection, too. Nevertheless, this was Raven’s fate.

As luck would have it, a volunteer from Cooper’s Chance Animal Rescue happened to be visiting the shelter that day, and she took Raven to the rescue. She was already in labor on the way to Cooper’s. Now in an emergency foster home, Raven could give birth in a loving, peaceful environment. Hours of labor was tough on her fragile body. Therefore she remained in long term foster care raising her 11 puppies, but not alone. She had a lot of help from volunteers.

Taking in 12 dogs at once is hard for rescue groups. It’s expensive to purchase formula, medications, parasite control, microchips, and spay/neuter surgeries. Even though a fee is charged to adopt, adoption fees never cover all costs. Cooper’s Chance Animal Rescue saves many families like Raven’s. was able to help Cooper’s Chance Animal Rescue through the Animal Medical Gifts That Give More program. Because of YOUR generosity, we are happy to report that all of the puppies, known as the Motown 11, named for the greats like Gladys Knight and Smokey Robinson, survived and are now in loving homes of their own. Oh, and Raven? Raven lives in a beautiful home with a family that adores her. A real Cinderella story, don’t you think?

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by susanrosenberg, July 31, 2017