With Your Help 1,711 Pets Got a Second Chance!

By Denise Bash, Director of Special Projects

Funded by (thanks to YOU), in partnership with, Wings of Rescue have supported the transport of 1,711 pets on numerous Freekibble Flights to Freedom from high intake shelters to partners who have space for adoptable pets! These fabulous shelter pets’ lives are only at stake because of lack of space in shelters.

Many shelters experience much higher intake of pets than others, leading to euthanasia of healthy adoptable animals due to lack of funding, space, and local families willing to adopt. Wings of Rescue is working with sending community shelters to identify new programs like spay and neuter to reduce intake. Pets move from these shelters to partners who have adopters waiting to bring home a new family member. Want to help a pet get a free ride? You can join,, and Wings of Rescue in saving lives on air and ground transport! Check out this cool video to see all the good you have done for these sweet animals.

Click here to find out more about giving a pet a second chance!  

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by denisebash, August 15, 2017