Because of YOU, Hope for Migrating Hummingbirds and other Pollinators after Deadly Wildfire

By Claire Kaufman, Environmental and Sustainability Program Manager

In 2011, the hot and deadly Monument Fire burned through southeast Arizona, destroying the lush native grasses, bushes and oaks.

Before. Photo: Karen LeMay

After. Photo: Karen LeMay









Prior to this wildlife, this one-acre piece of land in the southeast corner of the Huachuca Mountains was healthy habitat home to many animals, especially birds, bats and butterflies migrating north from Mexico.

Today, the plants, trees, and soil—as well as all the pollinators and wildlife that depend on them—are still struggling. One such native bush is the beautiful Manzanita, which is no longer leafing out or sprouting by seed. Manzanitas are visited by many native bees for nectar and animals for their berries. This will be one of the target species to replant.

Mexican Fritillary. Photo: Robert A. Behrstock

Rufous Hummingbird. Photo: Robert A. Behrstock


Thanks to your help, we WILL be able to restore this crucial migration corridor. You have the power to help 400 species of migrating and resident birds, two endangered nectar bats, over 250 butterflies, and thousands of moths, beetles and native bees. Click here to save this habitat.

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by Claire Kaufman, August 16, 2017