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Donor’s Corner – Where We Interview Featured Givers

Recently we asked a handful of longtime donors a series of questions about giving,, and our fast approaching 10-year anniversary (September 19th!). Here is what they had to say:


What makes different from other charities?

“100% of my donation is given to the charity.” – Traci

“I feel confident my donations go to the proper causes.” – Jody W.

“It helps all types of non-profits….human and animal.” – Karen K.

“There are so many diverse causes to give to through I enjoy helping in so many ways!” – Elise B.

What first drew you to give to

“Been donating so long, I can’t remember! Sorry.” – Karen K.

“My heart & my age. As I get older I feel the need to give back.” – April

“All the causes you cover.” – Jody W.

“While I can’t remember what first drew me to, I do remember that I immediately liked the way the information was presented, i.e., clear, concise stories with pictures demonstrating a need.” – Elise B.

How do you feel after you make a gift?

“Hoping I made a small difference in the welfare and life of a breathing entity.” – Karen K.

“I feel like I am making a difference for someone, however small or large my donation may be…and by ‘someone’ I don’t just mean human someones.” – Panda J.

“Wonderful & hopeful!” – April

“Great!” – Cynthia P.

“Thankful that I am not the only one who cares about animals.” – Traci

“There is a saying which says something to the effect that the fact you can’t do everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something. I feel like even the smallest gift made through is me doing something!” – Elise B.

Elise B.

What are you most passionate about? 

“Animals and military, because they both deserve our respect and help.” – Panda J.

“Making the world a better place for animals and humans.” – Cynthia P.

“Veterans and animals.” – Jody W.

“Animal welfare.” – Traci

“I am very passionate about animal charities. If we are to be good stewards, we must take care of the animals on this earth.” – Elise B.

What other causes interest you?

“Wounded Warrior Project, K9s for Warriors, and Pets for Patriots.” – Panda J.

“The refugee crisis is of major concern to me.” – Elise B.

“Animals and helping people that are less fortunate.” – Cynthia P.

“Just about everything. I don’t donate to many ‘people’ causes (I do donate to feed people) as I think more folks do; I concentrate on critters.” – April

“Environment.” – Jody W.

 What makes you hopeful and happy?

“When I hear my donation helped.” – Cynthia P.

“When humans become more enlightened about saving what cannot save itself.” – Karen K.

“Doing something good for someone else makes my heart happy, especially a pet, a veteran, or an elderly person.” – Panda J.

“When I see something that shows other people that think like I do.” – April

“I love reading stories about how people, joining together to address an issue or support a cause, have made a difference, even if only in one life.” – Elise B.

How would you describe your personal mission?

“My personal mission has always been to help those that I can along the way, and to leave good feelings with everyone I know.” – Panda J.

“My personal mission is to reach out to help those in need as much as I am able.” – Elise B.

“To shop less and donate more.” – Karen K.

“To help animals that need the help. To educate people, so they don’t abuse.” – Cynthia P.

“To save every animal that I can. I’ve been known to stop traffic during rush hour to catch a horned toad on the pavement & get him into a field.” – April

If you had the power and means to change the world, what would you do?

“Find the cure for Alzheimers and cancer…I have been personally touched by both in my immediate family, and it’s heartbreaking to watch.” – Panda J.

“I would eliminate hunger, help all refugees to find permanent homes, and eliminate the abuse of animals.” – Elise B.

“End the suffering in the world for all animals.” – Cynthia P.

“I would make each & every person empathetic & compassionate.” – April

September of 2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of giving for Any advice for the next 10 years?

“Keep up the caring and giving that you inspire!” – Elise B.

“Just keep doing what you do now, with the same commitment and integrity.” – Panda J.

“Keep on doing what you have been doing” – Cynthia P.

“Just keep up the good work.” – April

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, honoring the trust people have in you.” – Jody W.

We would like to thank all of our donors for making the last decade of giving so successful, important and impactful. Here’s to many more decades to come!

10 Years of Giving Where It Matters

by Jim Kober, August 23, 2017