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Yoga Instructor Makes a Difference for Animals Affected by Harvey

A promotion card posted to the studio’s website.


When disaster hits, people look to lend a hand in whatever way they can. Some are able to volunteer their time and labor directly at the site of the disaster, while others contribute donations of food, supplies, or funds to meet the critical needs of those affected by the crisis.

A creative – and increasingly-popular – method of donation is through small crowd-funded events, held privately to raise money for a chosen cause. A notable trend in recent years has been for children to request donations of pet supplies in lieu of birthday presents, collecting them for their local animal shelter. Likewise, many adults have chosen to host “Donate Your Birthday” events, eagerly giving to causes near and dear to them through a variety of organizations that promote the option, or via the fundraiser feature recently rolled out on Facebook.

Businesses are known to make in-kind donations of their products for relief aid, but many also offer an option to fundraise through their platform. Many family-oriented food establishments, for example, are known for hosting “Fun-Raisers” that will donate a portion of a night’s proceeds to your cause. You pass out personalized flyers that drum up support for your event, and the restaurant benefits from the business you bring them.


A Facebook post promoting the event.


Kim Wands of Be One Yoga Studio had a bright new take on this trend. A devoted animal lover, Kim learned of GreaterGood.org’s Hurricane Harvey relief efforts through the newsletter of GGO’s partner Jackson Galaxy. Like so many watching coverage of the crisis throughout the news, she wondered what she could do to help. Putting her specific skills to good use, she reached out to GreaterGood.org with the suggestion of a Donation-Only Yoga Class, to be hosted by her studio.


Jo teaching her Yin Yoga Class.


If you’re a yogi, yourself, you know that the practice of yoga comes in many styles. Be One Yoga, in Kirkland, Washington, offers classes in a variety of these, with something available for every age, and each experience level.

Instructor Jo Parsons began practicing yoga as a method of healing, and brings that point of view to her classes, where she celebrates the emotional, physical, and spiritual triumphs of her students. With this passion for making the world better through yoga, Jo joined Kim in the cause, donating her time to teach the 75-minute benefit class in Candlelight Yin Yoga – a slower and gentler style that focuses on relaxing the body, while strengthening the joints.


Donors relax and rejuvenate.


Through the ingenuity of these instructors and the generosity of those in attendance, the class was able to raise over $500 in just one night. The funds were donated directly to GreaterGood.org, and the money will be applied to ongoing relief efforts for animals still affected by the late August storm.


The Candlelight Yin Yoga Class.

If you’re interested in attending a class, you can find more information about the Be One studio online:



And for information on donating your own event to benefit GreaterGood.org, please contact Dafny Vogel.

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