51 Baby Tasmanian Devils Thank YOU

By Claire Kaufman, Environmental and Sustainability Program Manager

There are only 25,000 Tasmanian Devils left in existence today. They have fallen victim to one of the world’s only known contagious cancers and are now extinct on mainland Australia and down to 10% of their historic population in Tasmania. Devil’s Ark is the last chance many of these adorable creatures have to survive – and to thrive as a species.

Because of YOU, twelve Tasmanian Devils received a full range of care over seven months, including daily patrols, food, shelter and medical treatments! This high standard of care has contributed to the record-breaking breeding success achieved this year, including a total of 51 Tasmanian Devil joeys born at the facilities!

“Duke,” once an orphan who is now the alpha male! Photo Credit: Devil’s Ark Originals

Devil’s Ark is on track to increase its numbers to 360 Tasmanian Devils which will strengthen the species’ chance of survival. Construction is beginning now to open 30-40 spaces in November 2017.

We need your help to ensure new Tasmanian Devils at Devil’s Ark will have homes, food, and medical care! Click here to donate.

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