Hope for 160 Secondary Students in the Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere

By Brittany John – Health, Hunger, and Education Program Manager

GreaterGood.org’s first graduating class will also be the first-ever graduating class on the island in Matenwa, Haiti.

Because of your donations, we have already built out grades 10-12, providing a chance for more students to stay in school. This May we hope to graduate the first ever high school graduating class in Matenwa, Haiti. But first, we need your help to support the incredible educators for these secondary students, for school materials and daily school meals for this first EVER graduating class.

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Since 2014, GreaterGood.org has supported the Matenwa Community Learning Center (MCLC), a Haitian Ministry of Education model school in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. When we began our partnership, the school only went up to grade 9, leaving an incredibly large need among secondary students on the island to receive an education. Since then, GreaterGood.org and individual, generous donors like you have sustained our commitment to build out the first ever secondary school on the island by adding one grade per year!



We are excited to announce that, this year we are raising funds to complete grade 13, the final grade to complete the secondary school!
(Check out the exciting milestones we have already met below).



This means that, together, we will support quality education for more than 160 secondary school children in a country with the lowest school enrollment in the Western Hemisphere, where the percentage of children who complete primary school is only 50%, and sadly, only 20% of Haitian girls receive secondary education (grades 7-13).


CLICK HERE to donate any amount to support  Valancia, Denison and Billy and contribute to the 1st EVER GRADUATING CLASS in Matenwa!



  • Added three grades levels (grades 10-12) to the only Secondary School on the island. We will complete the build out, with grade 13, of the first ever secondary school on the island this year!
  • As of 2016, we supported 160 secondary school students who would have otherwise not been in school or would have had to travel long distances, to Port au Prince, to get to school.
  • We initiated a hen project that was incorporated into the curriculum and reached our initial goal of distributing one hen per student. This means that we distributed 379 hens to 379 primary and secondary students after teaching them proper hen care and nutrition at MCLC. Additionally, 270 hens are kept at the school to provide 2.5 hard boiled eggs to students at school per week.
  • The hen program continues to be an essential part of guaranteeing our students to complete, nutritional breakfast. They have also incorporated the hen program in science and math classes for collecting, organizing and analyzing data in charts and graphs on paper and in excel.
  • While direct correlations between reduction in malnutrition and the hen program cannot be made, there are changes in students’ health that they attribute to eating an egg daily. For instance, increased energy and focus and a decrease in headaches are a result of their efforts to alleviate hunger.
  • Specific to Girls: Educated 151 girls: 69 primary & 82 secondary – secondary girls would have otherwise had to travel very long distances to get educatedHurricane Matthew 2016
  • After Hurricane Matthew, with the help of GreaterGood, LKM offered students one meal per day and has kept an open-door policy for other community members in great need.
  • Helped families rebuild homes that were damaged during the hurricane using recycled materials called “bottle bricks” made of sand and discarded plastic water bottles. This technique not only makes the structures more resistant to natural disasters but also teaches students about effective ways to repurpose and makes a significant dent in the issue of plastic waste on Lagonave.
  • Happy to report that none of the school hens were lost during the hurricane but two chicken coops were damaged and needed repair.


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