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Meet Our New Cohort of CourageousK9s!

By Claire Kaufman, Environmental and Sustainability Program Manager

Meet Grace, the CourageousK9 dedicated to guiding bears to safety. Her sharp nose and boundless energy is the reason residents of Alberta, Canada are safe from bears – and bears safe from humans.

Photo Credit: Wind River Bear Institute

Now meet Jessie, the CourageousK9 searching for South Africa’s rarest toad, previously thought to be extinct until spotted in 2011. Jessie’s sharp nose has been training to sniff for scats (droppings) of endangered frogs and toads, providing essential information on where they live and how many remain.

Photo Credit: Endangered Wildlife Trust

These are just two of the brave dogs selflessly dedicated to protecting people and the planet. They are part of GreaterGood.org’s new cohort of CourageousK9s – mission oriented dogs with stellar noses, boundless energy, and huge hearts. These brave dogs are trained specifically to help children, veterans, victims of violence, those with disabilities and in cases of disaster; as well as protect habitat and save wildlife.

It is with great pride that GreaterGood.org announces CourageousK9s as our new Signature Program. Funds raised for CourageousK9s will go directly to our partners in the field as grants. Our vetting process ensures that partner organizations are committed to the well-being of their dogs and their mission.

Please visit our new page today, and donate to one of the very worthy canines so they can continue on their respective missions!

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