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Abandoned Six Inch Kitty Meets Heavy Rain, Nightcrawlers, and Aggressive Ferals—Escapes Them All With a Little Help From Rescue Bank

Monsoon – Before

“When we found Monsoon, he was crawling through a downpour to escape a semi-feral colony. We were unsure whether he was looking for his mother — with whom he would be most likely to survive — or whether she had met with tragedy or rejected him.

“It wasn’t even 50 degrees outside, and the torrential rain was endangering him more. Further aggravating his condition were the other animals around him. Poor Monsoon was barely six inches long and less than eight ounces. The heavy rains had driven the earthworms out of the ground, and a forefinger-thick nightcrawler that was a foot long was writhing about on the sidewalk near the kitten. It somehow caught up with poor Monsoon and wrapped around him like a boa constrictor. And though it probably couldn’t hurt him, it was scaring him. Not to mention us.

“Complicating matters were the adult ferals, who were fascinated by both the nightcrawler and the sodden, mewling kitten. They were batting at them and dragged them along the sidewalk and through mud puddles. For 15 minutes, with the kitten calling all along, a mother never came, and the temperature continued to drop. We had to rescue.

“Monsoon was only half a pound when we saved him. He required nursing, medicine and intensive care. Because we rely on food from Rescue Bank, we can afford to save some of the most precious and fragile kitties like Monsoon as well as healthy ones.

Monsoon – After!

“It may not take a village to save a cat, but it does take a colony, and Rescue Bank is a crucial member of ours. The money we saved by using Rescue Bank also let us microchip Monsoon. And that saved his life when his first adopters dumped him in the city streets. A good Samaritan turned him into a vet, who scanned his chip and called us. And just this week we found him his real forever home!

“Poor Monsoon lost his first colony 18 months ago, only to gain a new colony dedicated to his well-being and happiness. Food provided by Rescue Bank helped make the miracle of Monsoon possible.” – Kitty Cat Connection

You can help more cats like Monsoon get the high-quality pet food they desperately need by donating to our Rescue Bank program here.