Brave Little Lucy Needs You to Stand up for Her

Lucy the Brave

Lucy the Brave is a nine-week-old puppy, the same as your puppy once was, but Lucy has been through way too much for her short time alive. She doesn’t know why bad things keep happening to her but knows she needs to be brave. She was found at four weeks old all alone and scared. The couple that found Lucy brought her to the emergency clinic where she was diagnosed with parasites and required a blood transfusion to survive.

Lucy received the transfusion and seemed to be on the road to recovery when she became severely ill, and they diagnosed her with parvo. She has since been fighting for her life. Now Lucy is having terrible issues with her front legs—carpal laxity which requires surgery and ongoing treatment to help strengthen the muscles in her little legs.

Lucy wants nothing more than to run and jump and play like all of the other puppies. She doesn’t understand why this is happening to her. Will you stand up for Lucy by donating $10 or more to give her the long and happy life that she deserves? Please click here to help.