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It’s #GivingTuesday – Here’s How YOU Can Help


Now in its sixth year, #GivingTuesday is the global day of giving back.

After Thanksgiving comes two of the largest shopping days of the year—Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And while these days might be great for getting good deals on presents, they can shift the focus of the season off of helping others.

Also called the National Day of Giving, #GivingTuesday is a reaction to the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and aimed to create a space for people to dedicate an entire day to giving back through charitable donations and acts. The movement has been growing every year, and GreaterGood.org is proud to take part!

#GivingTuesday donations make great gifts… you will receive a beautiful downloadable certificate with each purchase that will truly make a huge impression on your loved one this holiday season. Imagine their joy as they open a Gift That Gives MoreTM to a cause they care about.

This year we are offering 5 unique ways to help, no matter what your or your loved one’s cause is. We are hosting 5 virtual drives—help us make this the biggest #GivingTuesday yet!

#GivingTuesday Pet Food Drive

Did you know the biggest consistent expense for shelters and rescue groups is feeding all of the animals in their care? And as we start to go deeper into winter, resources are becoming even more limited. Add to that the recent hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes, and many shelter’s budgets are bending to the point of breaking. That’s why GreaterGood is hosting a food drive for animals! The money raised today will provide free, nutritious meals to shelters across the country.

Your gift will help bring high-quality pet food to shelters and rescue groups nationwide—providing nourishment to dogs, cats, and other rescue animals who need it most. The best part? Animals that are healthy, happy, and well-fed stand a much better chance of being adopted.

When you give $2.00, you will provide 80 meals for animals in shelters. Last #GivingTuesday, you provided over 4.1 million meals to feed shelter animals in need—this year, let’s BEAT that number!

Donate today!

#GivingTuesday Comfort Package Drive for Veterans

This holiday season, when you’re visiting with friends and family, thousands of soldiers are overseas, far away from home. On #GivingTuesday, you have the opportunity to give them thanks for their service. Care packages give soldiers the comforts of home that include essential toiletries, goodies, and letters from back home. Let them know that you have not forgotten about them.

For just $5, you can ship a care package for two active members of the U.S. Military. Last #GivingTuesday we helped ship out over 3,500 care packages—this year, let’s BEAT that number! Join us on this heartwarming mission to make this the biggest #GivingTuesday yet!

Donate today!

#GivingTuesday Get Her to School Safely

The Safe Ride to School for Afghan Girls program formed in response to an attack on female students and teachers in the Kandahar Province. In 2008, men on motorcycles sprayed acid into the faces of teachers and students walking to school, targeting girls wearing school uniforms. Donors rallied and purchased a school bus, so this would never happen again. Since 2009, the bus program has provided safe passage for the 100 girls living farthest from Mirwais Mena School for Girls. BUT one of our buses is breaking down. We URGENTLY need your help to purchase a new bus to continue providing safe rides for girls in Afghanistan.

Your $15 gift provides one month of safe rides for one girl. This #GivingTuesday, partner with us to keep these young scholars safe!

Donate today!

#GivingTuesday Safe Births for Children

Along the Thai/Burmese border, infant mortality rates spike to 1 in 100 live births—over twice as high as the rest of Thailand. Women are 22 times more likely to die during childbirth. In an area where these difficult statistics are the reality lived by refugee mothers, Mae Tao Clinic is providing essential services to save lives by facilitating safe births.

Thanks to a generous matching donation, you can sponsor a Burmese mother’s entire pregnancy for just $43 and ensure a safe birth for both mother and baby. For just $14.30, you can sponsor one trimester — no time is better than today to join the #GivingTuesday movement!

Donate today!

#GivingTuesday Acre Drive for Endangered Species

#GivingTuesday, the global day of giving back, is here! Join the movement by giving to our acre drive for endangered species. Last year, we protected over 2,700 acres of land—this year, let’s BEAT that number! Help make this the biggest #GivingTuesday to date!

Nearly 25% of all mammals analyzed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) are threatened by extinction. The situation is even bleaker for fish, birds, insects, and plants. The number one factor contributing to this decline? Habitat loss.

The best way to protect endangered animals is by protecting their home. That’s why, this #GivingTuesday, we’re holding an acre drive to save habitat for endangered species. When you protect an acre of land, you help preserve the entire ecosystem—everything from plants and insects to large mammals like elephants and orangutans.

When you give just $10, you will protect an acre of land for endangered species like the black rhino, sumatran tiger, asian elephant, and the elusive jaguar. As human activities continue to destroy natural habitats, no time is better than today to partner with us on #GivingTuesday to save endangered species!

Donate today!

We are proud to be a part of the GreaterGood Community. Thank you for making this the best #GivingTuesday yet!