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Little Sally – The Comeback Kitty

Sally – BEFORE

Sally is sweet and kind, soft and loving like any kitty, but Sally wasn’t lucky enough to be born into a situation where the dream of being adopted into a loving family was an option. Instead, she was born on the streets and deserted and left to fend for herself. The streets were not kind to Sally—she was weak, scared, cold and left to wonder where the humans she so longed for were. Where was her hero? Sally’s forever home was nowhere in sight, and everything seemed hopeless.

Sally – BEFORE

By the time Sally arrived at Purrfect Pets Cat Adoptions rescue, she was anemic from fleas, and her front leg was completely twisted. The rescue staff was certain she was nearing death. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Thankfully, the shelter director, Elaine, put in round the clock care for Sally. Her devotion to little Sally inspired. Every minute was a battle, but Elaine persevered, and Sally flourished!

Sally – AFTER!!!

Miraculously, Sally’s arm corrected itself, and thanks to YOUR donations to GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank, Sally feasted on high-quality, donated pet food to give her the strength and security she needed. Sally put on good weight, beat her ailments, gained strength and found her perfect forever home! Life on the streets and all of her struggles led to this new home and Sally knew she never had to look back.

“Having help from GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program has made it possible for us to continue rescuing. Vet bills from situations like Sally’s add up but having help with food makes it more feasible.”
– Purrfect Pets Cat Adoptions

This giving season just $20 provides over 200 pounds of high-quality pet food—that’s over 800 meals for adoptable shelter and rescue pets like Sally, giving them the strength and second chances they deserve! YOU have the power to save so many! What will you do with that power? Please click here to save more lives!