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Meet the Two Endangered Rainforest Species YOU Are Saving

The Amazon rainforest is legendary for its high biodiversity as it contains millions of species, many of which are still undescribed. However, due to factors such as illegal logging, oil exploitation, and agricultural encroachment, this lush rainforest is in desperate need of conservation action.

Still, there is hope. Thanks to YOU, over 875 acres of the Airo Pai Community Reserve is being protected in Peru. The Airo Pai Community Reserve is a critical part of the Amazon rainforest, necessary for the survival of species like the endangered White-bellied Spider Monkey, Giant Otter, as well as vulnerable species like the Jaguar, South American Manatee and Yellow-spotted River Turtle. Read below to find out more about two endangered species you are helping to protect.

White-bellied Spider Monkey: In the last three years, spider monkey populations have suffered a 30% decline. Recently, teams spotted them in the proposed reserve expansion. The spider monkey spends most of its time in the canopy, which is why it is essential to protect the trees that the monkeys call home. They need a safe space to raise their young, as females only give birth to a single baby after seven and a half months of pregnancy.

Photo copyright @ Pete Oxford

Giant Otter: These creatures are very social animals and live in extended family groups that share responsibilities like hunting and babysitting their young. They have no predators except humans, who hunt them for their fur, as it is one of the finest in the world. The giant otter is an easy target for poaching, as they are inquisitive animals, and would readily approach a canoe without a second thought. Currently, the most significant threat to these gentle otters is habitat loss due to human settlement expansions. There is a healthy population of Endangered Giant Otters in the Huimeki Community Reserve in Peru, and establishing the Airo Pai Community Reserve will help provide a corridor for otter populations to grow, and will stop the spread of human settlements in areas that are too close to their habitat.

Photo copyright @ Kenny Ross

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