I’m Told My Name Is Remy

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

“Abandoned and alone, I found myself dodging cars on a local freeway. A car that kept going struck me. Badly injured, a volunteer with a rescue organization found me. The rescue contacted GreaterGood.org for help with my medical bills. You see, I badly needed surgery; I’ll let them tell you the rest….”

The dog was in shock and taken to an emergency vet hospital. They administered fluids and pain medication. He had no microchip. Radiographs revealed multiple pelvic fractures requiring surgical repair. He was given the name Remy and stabilized for the weekend. The American Street Cat (TASC) rescue took responsibility for the dog’s care and surgery. They contacted GreaterGood.org for help. Remy had surgery soon thereafter.

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Remy’s post-op care would require two to three months of restricted activity and daily physical therapy exercises. Once Remy’s sutures were removed, his at-home therapy sessions moved to visits to a veterinary pain management and rehabilitation center. Otherwise, Remy’s long-term chances of suffering from arthritis and sciatica would run high.

Remy weighs 55 pounds, is approximately two to three years old. He appears to be a hound/pointer mix. This guy has been powering through his pain and confinement with nothing but affection and obedience. Remy is a highly adoptable dog, very eager to please and obey.

The pelvic repair procedure went well. Remy was monitored in the hospital for three nights post-op before being cleared for discharge. He still had edema from the initial trauma as well as from the surgery. That went away a couple of days into at-home care. With Remy’s staples removed, his surgeon was pleased with his progress. However, Remy’s left side (the more complicated break and repair), continued to cause him pain. It was time to get proactive with a veterinary pain management and rehabilitation center.

GreaterGood.org posted a Gifts That Give More™ campaign and within day’s generous donors on the Animal Rescue Site covered Remy’s medical costs.

After completing his pain management and rehab sessions, Remy had heartworm injections and required minimized activity for the next month. It was a long 30 days because he had just started feeling like a bionic dog with the full, unencumbered & pain-free use of his hind legs. But he got through the month and then surprised everyone with his fondness for swimming and his natural fetching skills. He’s doing exceptionally well and found his perfect forever home.

YOU can help more animals like Remy. Click here to save lives