Community Buy-In Is Even More Inspiring

By Brittany John – Health, Hunger, and Education Program Manager

Your donations in action

We know that the global need for access to clean water is incredibly high and reflected in the reality that pneumonia and diarrhea are the number one and number two killers of children under the age of five in Laos. These illnesses, which are highly preventable, significantly decrease when children have access to clean drinking water and soap for washing their hands at school. Together with Jhai Coffee, we believe access to clean water is a fundamental human right. Their mission is to bring 63 schools on the Bolaven Plateau hygiene education and clean water. So far YOUR donations have contributed to the following reality:

19 water wells built, affecting 55 primary schools & currently providing access to clean water for 7,500 children!

We have just four more wells to go before ALL CHILDREN in this region have access to clean and safe drinking water!

This season give the gift of clean water to these incredible children in need!

What makes this clean water project unique?

Anyone can build a well but how often are those wells maintained over time?

For a community to receive a well through this project, they are engaged in discussion, involved in the decision-making process, have to contribute a small amount of their own money and also help in the construction process themselves. It is beautiful to see people of all ages pouring and stirring cement, working together to make clean water a reality for their community.

Huge Differentiator: when you support this project you also support “software” that ensures the well continues to be a productive water source for years to come:

  • The villages pay 15% co-investment – creating buy-in and ownership
  • Water contractor gives 1-year warranty
  • When the water contractor drills the well, the village chief meets the contractor, and they exchange information. And if anything goes wrong, the chief collects money from the village and calls the contractor back.
  • If they lose the information or anything happens, they call Jhai, and they call the contractor to fix the issue, but Jhai stays out of the transaction eliminating dependence and the well staying broken. This calls the village to be responsible both financially and for the health of their children instead of reliant on ongoing aid.
  • After one year, villages are responsible for collecting from the community the funds needed for repairs. This fosters them not to have dependence on Jhai and take further ownership of their children’s health and future

It costs $0.22 to provide one day (or 9,600 liters) of clean water to school children like him in need, just $0.22 for one day!

YOU can help! Just $40 has an INCREDIBLE IMPACT and provides 1,728,000 liters of clean water to 160 children for six months! Click here to donate!

Your contribution means that, together, we are one well closer to ensuring all children in this region have clean water. Just four more wells to go!

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