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Greatergood’s January Baby Shower for Six Day Old Soe Maung

By Brittany John – Health, Hunger and Education Program Manager

2018 GreaterGood & Mae Tao Clinic: Maternal Child Efforts

Each month this year, we will connect you with a mother in Thailand who was provided with medical care to safely deliver her child at Mae Tao Clinic (MTC). In a region where infant and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in Southeast Asia, these efforts are incredibly important and timely. Women in this region are 22 times more likely to die during childbirth, but the incredibly committed staff at MTC and GreaterGood are determined to improve women’s access to receive prenatal care, safe labor and delivery and postpartum care for these women.

This month we would like to introduce you to a single mother of three, Moe Myint. She recently moved from Myanmar (formerly Burma) to Mae Sot, Thailand, in search of work to support her family, including her parents and older sons whom she left in Myanmar. She lives with a companion who makes THB 200 (USD $6) per day, sometimes less, and lives in a small temporary shelter in the field. Many displaced people from Myanmar live in harsh conditions such as these.

When she arrived in Mae Sot, six months pregnant, she began prenatal care at MTC, which was the first time she received prenatal care for any of her children.

Just six days ago Moe Myint gave birth to this precious baby boy, Soe Maung.

This was her first baby that she was able to safely deliver in a clinic. She is incredibly grateful for this because, after a long labor and delivery, Soe Maung developed a fever during the first hours of his life. Thanks to the medical staff at Mae Tao Clinic, he was prescribed with life-saving antibiotics. Soe Maung is now doing better; he will be the first in his family to be registered with a birth certificate (scheduled for tomorrow), and after that, both Soe Maung and his mom will be cleared to safely and healthily return home.

You can join us and make an incredible difference in the life of women like Moe Myint.

Thanks to a generous matching donation, you can sponsor a Burmese mother’s ENTIRE PREGNANCY for just $43, and ENSURE A SAFE BIRTH for both mother and baby; no time is better than today to join the movement!

Just think, six day old Soe Maung is the third child born to his mother, Moe Myint, and the first one born in a safe clinic. This is the kind of difference you can make!

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