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These Women are Changing the Water Game

By Claire Kaufman, Environmental and Sustainability Program Manager

In rural Chiapas, Mexico, a group of women entrepreneurs are increasing access to clean water for their communities and changing their lives in the process.

Photo copyright @ Fundaction Cantaro Azul

Chiapas is Mexico’s southernmost state and most impoverished region. Almost 40% of families have no drinkable water, leading to devastating gastrointestinal diseases that are particularly harmful to children under the age of five. Families must choose between drinking water from the highly contaminated community wells, boiling it with wood (time-consuming for women and environmentally destructive), or buying expensive bottled water.

Now, there is a new solution which YOU are making possible! Through our partnership with Fundacion Cantaro Azul in Chiapas, three new ‘NuestrAgua’ water purification franchises came to be in 2017. Each franchise can provide safe and affordable water to at least 2,000 people. Cantaro Azul trains women entrepreneurs to operate and manage these water businesses.

Photo copyright @ Fundaction Cantaro Azul

Sebastiana, Lorena, Leticia, Brenda and Sonia are five of these innovative women. They live in a rural community where almost a tenth of the population cannot read, and where women do not have the opportunity to make their money apart from domestic or agricultural work.

With the help of Fundacion Cantaro Azul, they installed a water purification system in their community. Because of YOU, they were able to install the ozone purification system—a critical component of the water purification phase. Now, they proudly purify, bottle, sell and distribute high-quality and affordable water throughout their community.

Photo copyright @ Fundaction Cantaro Azul

YOU are the solution! Help safe drinking water reach families who desperately need it. Just $10 provides two months of safe water for a rural family. Click here to donate and change these lives forever!

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by Claire Kaufman, January 22, 2018