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Mountain Lions and Poultry: A Win-Win?

By Claire Kaufman, Environmental and Sustainability Program Manager

Most people don’t set up a poultry operation in an area known for mountain lion activity. Yet for farmer Paul Grieve, flourishing habitat is an integral part of farming. “The important thing to us is that we build an ecosystem. Our role is to steward the land and grow a great environment for Mother Nature.”

Livestock guardian dogs help ensure the pastured poultry stay safe from predators. Credit: Primal Pastures

Paul and his family are restoring the grasslands of a former potato field in Southern California, so that is both useful to him and his family, and to the native wildlife that pass through the area. Instead of killing mountain lions when they encroach on the land, he uses a variety of methods to protect the chickens. “We end up seeing snakes, rabbits, birds, worms, deer, and coyotes. I love being able to see those guys come through the farm but not interrupt our operations. Knowing that mountain lions are around makes it even better. It means we’re doing something right.

Paul’s farm, Pasturebird, has become Southern California’s first farm to achieve Certified Wildlife Friendly® status. Certified Wildlife Friendly® recognizes farms and ranches committed to regenerative practices that enable wildlife and livestock to coexist. Along with peers around the globe, Pasturebird and Primal Pastures are part of a progressive wave of agriculture that models the critical role of farms and ranches in sustaining wildlife and habitat.

Through your support of Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, many amazing farmers like Paul have learned how to co-exist with predators, and have received the certification necessary to be recognized for these efforts. We are currently working to help farmers co-exist with bears and wolves in the United States.

You can make all the difference! Click here to help farmers co-exist with bears, and here to help farmers co-exist with wolves.

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