Support A Retired Donkey Sanctuary In Nepal

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

In Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, they make bricks in kilns. This operation employs not only people but also donkeys and some horses. This is a harsh working environment for the people; imagine how hard it is on the horses and especially the donkeys? These animals must carry heavy loads of bricks during very long work days. Often their saddles do not adequately fit, causing painful wounds on their backs and legs. Until 2008 there was simply no veterinary care for them. Mostly they were left to die when they could no longer work.

Animal Nepal stepped in and launched a Working Equine Outreach Program that includes veterinary care for the working donkeys and horses, training for the workers to minimize injuries, and a retirement plan for the injured equines. Once retired, the donkeys live out their lives at Godavari Donkey Sanctuary. They now enjoy good nutrition, veterinary care, and a safe, carefree home.

Today 24 donkeys are enjoying the care and peaceful life at the sanctuary. Over the years some of these donkeys have even been adopted by local families and resorts where they live a good life. Equine Outreach Center follows up and checks on the adopted equine regularly.

Funds from Help Animals India,, and donors on The Animal Rescue Site have supported the sanctuary for years. Some of the funding allows the organization to spread good animal welfare messaging within local communities. The sanctuary also acts as a learning center. School children from all over visit regularly. This teaches them to be kind to animals and to care for them properly, lessons they will no doubt take into adulthood. Local families are encouraged to visit the training center for the same reason.

You can help! Just $10 provides food, medicine, and a blanket to a donkey for one day. To learn more click here.

by susanrosenberg, January 31, 2018