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Give a Child With Autism a Voice for the First Time

By Marina Maskaykina –

Give a Voice to Children with Autism

YOU can help! Click here to change the life of a child with Autism!

Imagine how it feels not being able to let people around you know how you feel, what you need or what you want. Non-verbal children with autism struggle with this every day. Not being able to communicate with people around you can be frustrating and sometimes dangerous. Almost 40% of individuals with autism spectrum disorder are non-verbal and cannot interact appropriately with their surroundings.

You can help give these children a voice! Your selfless donation provides a non-verbal child with a life-changing communication app! This intuitive app uses pictures to help children learn new words and form phrases. For a lot of these children, this is the first time they can actually communicate with their families. You can be the hero who changes a life!

Your donation can help children like Owen. His mother is so grateful to donors like you for changing his life. Read their story below.

Owen is a minimally-verbal child with Autism

Photo courtesy of National Autism Association

“The National Autism Association Give a Voice program has enhanced Owen’s life beyond measure. While he is still limited in his verbal abilities, his access to communication has opened the world for him. Utilizing this tool has been life changing. Owen’s overall experience in this world has become a brighter one. With the ability to communicate, he is less frustrated and happier overall.  There aren’t enough words to express the importance of what this program provides.” 
— Owen’s mom, Lindsey

With YOUR help, these children will learn new words and build sentences they never knew they could. Your donation will not only give a child a communication app, but it will provide them with confidence to use their new voice!

YOU can help! Click here to change the life of a child with Autism!

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by Marina, February 22, 2018