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Once Abused, Now Enjoying Life and Loving Grapes

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Dominga enjoying her favorite snack.

Have you heard of Cholita and Dominga? Let me tell you their story. Cholita, a spectacled bear was stolen from the wild, torn from her family only to end up in an illegal circus where she was mutilated and abused. She lost most of her hair permanently due to stress.

Dominga was torn from the wild as a cub, along with her sister. Authorities confiscated both bears. Dominga and her sister ended up in a zoo, the only place for them at the time. Her sister died, leaving Dominga alone. Like Cholita, she lost her fur due to stress.

Animal Defender’s International (ADI), with the help of the Peruvian wildlife department and the zoo, took Dominga on a journey hundreds of miles over the Andes mountains to her new life next door to Cholita.

Dominga before moving home.

ADI has built a safe haven for these girls and other spectacled bears to live safely in the heart of their homeland. They have a special corridor between their enclosures so they can be close but safe. The hope is that eventually they can live together and enjoy the closeness and comfort of another bear.

Whenever the ADI team travels to visit Cholita and Dominga, they are sure to bring a good stock of grapes. These spectacled bears LOVE them as well as their new life. Their spacious enclosures provide warm sunshine as well as many trees for shade and comfort. They spend their days basking in the sun or their ponds and of course eating a lot of fruit. Especially their favorite—grapes.

Cholita must be thinking, “I think I’m  famous getting all this attention.”

We all fell in love with these bald ladies as soon as ADI asked to help. You can help, too. Visit the link below to learn how your donation will help keep Cholita and Dominga living the life where they belong—in Peru eating as many grapes as they wish!

Dominga making her “more grapes please face”  🙂

You can make all the difference! Just $5 provides a BIG bunch of grapes! Help these amazing bears by donating here.

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by susanrosenberg, February 26, 2018