OUT OF Slavery, INTO a Community of Courageous Women

By Brittany John – Health, Hunger and Education Program Manager

Your support continues to truly transform the lives of thousands of young women!

12,700 young girls in Nepal are now free from being slaves in the homes of strangers—a lifestyle referred to as Kamlari. As each of these young women gained the support necessary + the courage required to leave such conditions, they joined the Nepal Youth Foundation to continue to free other young girls enslaved in the same horrendous bondage they had escaped themselves. Some of these girls became enslaved at the age of six!

After advocating for their rights—with your support—for more than four years, freed Kamlari women are finally getting identity cards for the first time!

A representative of the Nepalese Government, Minister Gopal Dahit, presented identity cards to these eight women in August 2017 and by the beginning of 2018, a total of 2,330 women received their identity cards!

This is an incredible milestone, and we have YOU TO THANK!

ID cards are important because they enable these young women to access the support promised in 2013 when Kamlari was abolished, including educational scholarships and special consideration for government employment.

Urmila – One of the first to be issued an ID card

Urmila is a Freed Kamlari women’s rights activist and a former indentured servant under the Kamlari system. At the age of six, she was forced to leave her family and worked as a domestic servant for 11 years. She endured incredible hardship including abuse, exploitation and no compensation for her work. Her future was bleak until Nepal Youth Foundation rescued her at age 17. She started school after she was freed in 2007 and was elected the first president of the Freed Kamlari Development Forum, an organization founded by women and girls to fight for their rights and support one another. 

We are so grateful to friends like you for being such a pivotal part of this milestone achievement!

Now the focus is to help them become independent young women by educating, housing and supporting them with the proper tools to ensure that no young woman will ever again become a victim of Kamlari.

 We need your help to continue supporting the independence of incredible women like Urmila. Click here to change the world forever for these young women!

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by brittany, February 27, 2018