Alzheimer’s Caregivers Deserve a Day Off

By Marina Maskaykina – GreaterGood.org

People with Alzheimer’s disease often depend on their families for in-home care. There comes a point when their condition worsens, and they need outside help. But not all families can afford to hire a full-time caregiver. This is where ExtraCare comes in. ExtraCare gives Alzheimer’s patients affordable care and mental stimulation when a full-time caregiver is unavailable or needs a day off. Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia is like having two full-time jobs, and caregivers and family members usually don’t get any time off. There is little to no low-cost aid for these families.

Caregivers and family members will do anything for the people they take care of—shouldn’t they also get some time for themselves? You can help! Your generous donations provide respite to caregivers and family members taking care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer's patients play stimulating games at ExtraCare

Photo courtesy of ExtraCare

At ExtraCare programs, people with Alzheimer’s can socialize with each other, play fun games, and get light exercise. For some of these people, it is one of the only times during the week they go outside and interact with other people their age. Having fun is a big part of this program, and it gives these folks something of which to look forward. It is so important for people with Alzheimer’s to have time like this where they can have safe and mentally stimulating fun with others. It helps lift their spirits and puts them in a good mood when they go back home for the night.

Your donation will enrich the lives of people dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. You can give them the opportunity to participate in social, physical, mental, and creative activities. You can help these people have more stimulating and supervised fun, while their caregivers and family members get a much-needed break!

Alzhemier's patients play stimulating games

Photo courtesy of ExtraCare

YOU can help! Click here to give people with Alzheimer’s a safe place to have fun, while giving their caregivers a day off!

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