Supplies Granted to Help Animals Worldwide

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Not all animal rescues, shelter veterinarians, and other organizations have access to proper medical supplies and equipment. Sometimes the groups that do have extra or when they replace equipment, they discard or donate their old ones. Enter Project V.E.T.S. (PV).

PV is a nonprofit whose mission is to “Heal the planet one animal at a time.” They heal the planet by keeping valuable veterinary and medical items from being wastefully discarded.

PV collects, organizes and ships critical donated goods to organizations in need all over the world. These shipments granted to animal welfare organizations give them resources they may not otherwise be able to obtain. These life-saving supplies assist in making critical diagnoses, performing surgeries and providing the basic items used in the veterinary care of animals.

Here’s just one way PV is making a difference:

With a PV disbursement of snap tests for distemper and parvo, Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR) can now quickly determine if a puppy has this deadly, extremely contagious disease, get them in quarantine as soon as possible and start treatment. Before DAR could only guess at the presence of parvo, now if they see the slightest change in a pup’s behavior, DAR can quickly test to see if the virus is present. This has changed DAR’s care protocol in regard to parvo. Also, they can quickly try to find fosters for the healthy pups.

Photos below show a few of the puppies save by DAR with supplies and medicine granted from PV.

Puppies treated and saved!


Rosa, treated at DAR in India – a PV recipient group since 2011.

During a disaster where animals are in need, PV is a critical resource providing supplies.

GreaterGood.org is teaming up with PV to focus on helping veterinarians perform hands-on work with wildlife, companion animals and working animals.

This little sweetie found help at Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic with supplies granted by PV.

You can help. Click here to save wildlife and companion animals!