Over 200 Animals Seized From Cruelty – Help Animals Now!

We are in urgent need of your help to care for over 200 animals seized from cruelty.

On March 20, 2018, the Rhode Island SPCA Division of Law Enforcement, along with local police and animal control, effected a search warrant at a residence in the Town of Smithfield, RI. There, officers found 25 dogs, 150 rats, and 130 snakes; most confined to cages and living in their own feces and urine. Air quality in the residence was a danger to both humans and animals due to high ammonia content caused by large amounts of urine and feces. Conditions inside the residence were so deplorable that local building officials condemned the house.

Please click here to help fix this awful situation and save these innocent pets!

Authorities seized all of these animals and placed them in a special housing facility set up to handle temporary care and housing for them.

The dogs include English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, American Bullies, and mixed. After rescue, most were either reluctant or unable to walk—either from fear, underlying medical issues, or the effects of cruel, long-term confinement. All of the dogs are now under the care of the Rhode Island SPCA, but due to limited capacity at their own facility, Rhode Island SPCA has sought the assistance of several surrounding animal control agencies to help with temporary housing for these poor dogs. Every dog received veterinary care, and four are in various stages of pregnancy.

The Rhode Island SPCA is now responsible for all costs associated with these rescued animals, including but not limited to food, veterinary care, housing/boarding, and any subsequent training and behavioral modification. This heroic group is in urgent need of your help.

Please click here to help fix this awful situation and save these innocent pets!