Categories: , , , Still Actively Assisting Animals and People Affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico still suffers from power outages, lack of water and other issues, and we are there doing everything we can to help in the areas of supplies, food, funding, and infrastructure.


Our Rescue Bank program sent a container, just under 40,000 pounds, to Puerto Rico pre-hurricanes. First, this food went to four groups: Save a Gato, Friends of Culebra Animals, Love Puerto Rico Golden Retriever Rescue, and Colitas Sonrientes. When the hurricanes hit, these groups agreed to give up half of their food for other groups in need. From this first container, an additional 14 groups received food, for a total of 18 groups. After this distribution, we had given food to groups in Puerto Rico on the main island, Culebra, and Vieques.

Shortly after Maria, a local PetSmart store on the island donated a container of mixed product food (30 pallets). Veterinarians for Puerto Rico received 10 of these pallets to use as they were going to communities vaccinating animals. The remaining pallets went to 10 other organizations (each received two pallets).

We sent three other containers to Puerto Rico containing a total of 63 pallets of high-quality dog and cat food.

Recently, the port in San Juan released another container of pet food. This container will make up the other half of food for the four original groups, and also provide additional food to more organizations. This container has 48 pallets of high-quality dog and cat food weighing around 40,000 pounds!


Our Rescue Rebuild program will be traveling to a shelter on the western side of Puerto Rico called the San Francisco de Asís Animal Sanctuary. They are an independent shelter that runs out of an old rum factory that is in pretty rough shape. The building is not set up for isolation/intake, so Rescue Rebuild is going to reconfigure some walls to allow for that, as well as purchasing a shipping container for food storage so that they can repurpose an existing room as a cat room with a connected catio. This will increase capacity and allow for better use of the space. There is also a large building with no roof that is full of plants & trees, so the team will clear out that space and make it a play yard with some shade structures.

In addition to our programs, we have awarded, and are continuing to award, hundreds of thousands of dollars to partners on the ground. We are currently partnering with the following groups:The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): Together we are launching a Spayathon and partnering with Boehringer Ingelheim on pharmaceutical products. We are shipping surgical products that were donated by Elanco to Rescue Bank for Veterinarians for Puerto Rico which will be shared by all the teams. Rescue Bank is also heavily supporting this effort with 70,000 lbs of food for each round of spay and neuter.

Force Blue: Force Blue will embark on a dive project to repair coral reefs devastated by the storm.

Team Rubicon: Team Rubicon will be installing storm proof roofs over the next year on the island.

YOU can help! There is still so much work to be done on the island of Puerto Rico. Please show this territory of the United States that they are not forgotten by clicking here.