Protect Police K9s With Police Dog Ballistic Vests!

By Denise Bash, Director of Special Projects

K9 Bliksem – Southfield PD (Southfield, MI)

It’s hard to believe that something as crucial as a ballistic vest to protect a police K9 is not always available. In reality, many police departments struggle with the cost of equipment and care for the dogs that protect our communities. is working with and YOU to fill requests from officers for their K9 partners.

K9 Coron – Miami Township PD (Miami Township, OH)

The first step to filling this need was to find the best organization to partner with to get vests to officers. We did not want any old vest sent; we wanted the best vest! That is why we partnered with Spike’s K9 Fund, and with your help as well as, we have awarded $40,000 to help cover the cost of this critical equipment. Spike’s K9 Fund was overjoyed to fill 16 requests for officers within one week.

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K9 Buddy – Cambridge PD (Cambridge, OH)

These special vests are chosen by Spike’s team because they are custom fit, lightweight, and guaranteed for life. Each one is made specifically for each dog. It is crucial that the vests are the best fit and quality or they can actually interfere with the dog’s mobility and cause discomfort. The vest has to be the best, and when you hear stories from the officers waiting for the protection you understand why! All dogs are currently doing fittings for their vest.

K9 Kyra – Pittsburg PD (Pittsburg, CA)

This note from K9 Officer Kyra’s supervisor attests to the determination and skill of a working dog.

“The two are very aggressive in proactive contacts resulting in numerous arrests involving narcotics and firearms. Prior to becoming a Police Service Dog with the Pittsburg Police Department, Kyra was deployed in Iraq where she was involved in very violent physical arrests of ISIS fighters, on three separate occasions. Kyra, being the newest member of the unit, is the only K9 without a ballistic vest while working the streets. The City of Pittsburg is riddled with violent crimes involving firearms. In fact, the other dual-purpose bomb dog team has more detection finds than their dual purpose narcotics detection counterparts. They’ve interdicted assault rifles and fully automatic modified Glocks concealed in the vehicle while conducting simple traffic stops. As all Police departments in this area, the department’s staffing has been cut down as well as the budget. In as far as ballistic vests for the K9s, the unit relies solely on donations.”

More dogs like K9 Officer Kyra need ballistic vests. Please click here to protect these four-legged heroes! 

by denisebash, May 4, 2018