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Help Rescue Five Circus Lions in Guatemala

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

After many years of hauling animals around and harming them in the name of entertainment, circuses have ended in Guatemala. Elephants, big cats, primates and other wild animals will no longer be chained, caged and beaten so they’ll perform unnecessary and painful tricks in these circuses. This is fantastic news for the animals.

But these large cats are still suffering. There are 18 circus lions and tigers languishing in small, rusting circus cages in Guatemala, waiting for help to arrive. They wait, stripped of all dignity as they sit in these horrible cages with little care.

Photo: ADI

After the suffering of these animals in Guatemala was exposed, the country banned the use of animals in circuses. So, if we help these animals, no others in Guatemala will ever be forced to suffer as they have. These animals need food, veterinary care, a new home to live out their lives and to be airlifted to that new home. You may know our partners with the 33 lions flown to Africa a few years ago, Animal Defenders International (ADI). We are partnering with them again to save these magnificent creatures.

Photo: ADI

First ADI will remove the five lions in the worst conditions and then relocate them to a new life. They will need holding units for the lions after removing them from the circus cages. They will also need daily food and care until they are flown home to Africa. In the first ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa, these lions will go from cramped, bare circus cages to roaming the African savanna in huge enclosures where they will receive the care they need for life.

These lions need you! For just $6 you can cover 5 miles for one lion’s 8,420 mile journey to paradise.
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