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The Kitty Winners of Our National High-Five Day Contest!

To celebrate the expansion of The Jackson Galaxy Project’s (JGP) life-saving Cat Pawsitive program, GreaterGood.org, the Petco Foundation, and Halo® pet food teamed up for the first annual Cat Pawsitive National High-Five Day Shelter Contest. Animal shelter staff and volunteers, along with the public, were invited to share their most creative feline high-five photos and videos on Facebook or Instagram.

Cat Pawsitive is a life-saving program for shelter and rescue cats that aims to increase feline adoption rates by teaching shelter staff and volunteers how to implement positive reinforcement training for cats. Jackson Galaxy, star of the television show My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet, and founder of JGP developed the Cat Pawsitive program with a team of feline behavior experts.

“The genesis of Cat Pawsitive stemmed from the simple desire to duplicate the “AHA!” moment I had in the early stages of my life with cats as a shelter worker,” said Jackson Galaxy. “By utilizing the training concepts that were, to that point, only used for the dogs in our care, not only were the cats stimulated, motivated and energized, but so was I. That, along with the most important result, lives being saved, was the win-win.”

Jackson Galaxy judged the contest entries and selected the top five entries. The grand prize was a $5,000 cash grant and 10,000 bowls of HOLISTIC, WHOLE, HUMANE Halo® pet food to an animal shelter/rescue of choice, and a post shared on Jackson Galaxy’s Facebook page, and four runners-up received 10,000 bowls of Halo® pet food, courtesy of GreaterGood.org and FreeKibble.com.

On April 19—National High Five Day—Jackson made his picks for the winner and runners-up! Our GRAND PRIZE winner was Mimi (and her friend Bethany!) who high-fived for Dakin Humane Society! Thanks to Mimi’s inspiring high-fives, Dakin will receive a $5,000 grant from GreaterGood.org and 10,000 bowls of Halo Pets pet food!

The four runners-up were:

• Roice-Hurst Humane Society – jxngalaxy.us/hi5-roice

Roice-Hurst Humane Society

• Rusty and Sunny for Five Acres Animal Shelter – jxngalaxy.us/hi5-fiveacres

Rusty – Five Acres Animal Shelter

• Julie and Oliver Honey Badger for PetConnect Rescue – jxngalaxy.us/hi5-petconnectres

• Cody and Carlos for Cat Depot – jxngalaxy.us/hi5-catdepot

Each of these organizations will receive 10,000 bows of Halo pet food!

The #CatPawsitive National High-Five Contest is an initiative of The Jackson Galaxy Project, a Signature Program of GreaterGood.org, and was brought to you by Halo PetsPetco Foundation and Freekibble. • Thanks to all the members of #TeamCatMojo who entered!