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Mama Macy Needs Life-Saving Surgery

Macy came into the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s care after a transfer from a low resource/high-risk agency in Louisiana. The group shared that Macy may have a broken leg. Once Macy was in Tampa Bay’s care, they realized things were much worse—someone shot poor Macy! They located a bullet in her right hip, and a shattered left hip from an old injury. Even more troubling, this sweet, innocent girl was pregnant, and because of all her health issues, required a C‐section. Sadly, she also has otitis externa (inflammation) in both ears.

Macy requires a rear leg amputation due to her shattered pelvis. Then, if the bullet is in a location where they can remove it safely, she will need a bullet extraction. Recovery from the amputation and bullet extraction surgeries will be a surprisingly swift ten days. Once Macy is done nursing, and her pups are old enough, the entire pack will be spayed or neutered and put up for adoption to find loving forever homes!

Just $10 or $25 will make all the difference to Macy and her pups! We are only $700 away from covering these expenses.
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