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From Feral Street Cat to Friendly House Pet

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Just like a lot of cats that live in feral colonies, Fluffy’s life began in a home with a loving family. Probably due to lack of planning, Fluffy was abandoned to the streets of Los Angeles after the death of his owner. He was part of a colony cared for by Feral Cat Caretakers. These volunteer caretakers do not just feed the cats; they also keep an eye out for new cats so they can make sure that they are spayed or neutered. They also watch the cats for any unusual behavior and obvious or potential medical conditions. This was the case with Fluffy.

The caretaker for this colony noticed that Fluffy, a beautiful grey adult cat was crying out when he tried to eat. He was also drooling and losing weight. These are all signs of a potential medical or dental issue. They knew they had to do something for Fluffy. While it can be difficult to trap a cat more than once since they are so smart, Feral Cat Caretakers have many tricks up their sleeves. Also, cats that are part of a colony are often very trusting of their caretaker. Poor Fluffy was not doing well and needed help.

Fluffy was humanely trapped and taken to the vet to see if they could determine what was wrong. The vet diagnosed Fluffy with Stomatitis, a chronic oral disease that causes an inflammatory response in the tissues of the mouth, throat and even bone. He would need a full-mouth tooth extraction, antibiotics, and pain management. After his dental work, Fluffy will need plenty of safe rest and good observation by a caretaker. For these reasons, he should not be returned to his colony. Once Fluffy fully heals, he will be re-socialized so he can be adopted into a loving, forever home where he belongs!

To be one of Fluffy’s heroes and contribute to his medical care, please click here.