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Abandoned Luna, Pregnant and Alone

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Luna in labor on death row

Imagine being abandoned just because you’re pregnant. As Luna’s labor begins the folks at the shelter are discussing when she will face euthanization. You see they have no room or resources to house a new mother and her puppies. Shelters are too stressful for a new family. There is also a very high risk of developing illnesses in an overcrowded shelter, especially for brand new puppies. If they cannot find a local rescue to come get Luna quickly, euthanasia is the only option. The shelter wanted to give Luna a fighting chance, so they contacted Cooper’s Chance Animal Rescue.

Cooper’s Chance rushed to the shelter to save her. Volunteers could see she was laboring, anxious and stressed, they scooped her up and drove her to safety. Eight hours later she gave birth to 13 beautiful puppies in the comfort of a foster home, not a concrete cell. From death row to happiness, Luna and her babies are lucky to be alive! Luna is a sweet, patient mommy who wants the best for her babies, and takes excellent care of all 13, despite being emaciated, neglected and sick. She and the puppies were treated for parasites, fleas, ticks and upper respiratory infections. Luna and her new family stayed in rescue, growing strong and enjoyed being spoiled by their foster family.

The puppies are now transitioning into loving homes of their own. All puppies and Luna have interested adopters which is great news. The only bad news in this tale is that Cooper’s Chance Animal Rescue is left with large medical bills to treat Luna’s family. is asking for your help to pay the bills. Shelter and rescue partners of GreaterGood can help save pets like Luna and her puppies because of your generous support. If you can help, please click on the link below. Also, please share this blog with your social media friends. I bet they’d love the happy ending story of our mama Luna!

Please click here to help Luna and her 13 Puppies!

by susanrosenberg, June 13, 2018