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Poor Charlie the Cat Needs Your Help

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Meet Charlie. Charlie was relinquished by his family a while back. They could not afford his medical care, so they found Gingered Blessings Animal Rescue. At the time Charlie was suffering from urinary crystals. Feeding cats an all-dry food diet can concentrate their urine, and crystals form. Among the symptoms: straining to urinate, painful urination and blood in the urine.

Gingered Blessings put Charlie on a new moisture-rich diet and gave him only bottled water to avoid any added minerals. These changes did not help much. Charlie had to undergo major surgery to keep him from getting blocked in the future. Now that Charlie’s is through surgery, he will remain on meds and fluids for some time. Once Gingered Blessings is sure that Charlie has made a complete recovery, he will be able to be adopted into a loving forever home.

Medical issues like Charlie’s come up all too often in the animal rescue world. Charlie’s one surgery cost his rescue organization over $2,500. That does not include any aftercare costs. Of course, pets all over the world deserve a healthy, carefree life. The average adoption fee is $100. Funds for expensive medical procedures has to come from somewhere, right?

Thanks to your help, we are committed to assisting rescue organizations and animal shelters all over the world with those medical costs.

You can help end the senseless euthanasia of adoptable pets. We grant 100% of your donation to rescue groups like the one that saved Charlie. This helps pets get adopted once their medical condition is corrected or managed.

You can be the hero in Charlie’s life. Please click here to donate to help cover Charlie’s life-saving surgery and aftercare!

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by susanrosenberg, June 21, 2018